Monday, August 5, 2013

Paleo Walnut Date Truffles

To celebrate the publication of the standards for gluten-free labeling I made some yummy paleo
Here are the truffles before the cocoa coating
style truffles. They remind me of my aunt’s chocolate truffles she always kept in the refrigerator in case she had company. Except the list of ingredients does not include chocolate cake.

My Persian friends always like snacking on walnuts and dates so I was inspired to use those flavors to make my truffle. Initially, I only used those two ingredients with a handful of macaroons tossed in to give the truffles a coconut flavor but the combination had a dry consistency when it went through the food processor. I then added two tablespoons of sunflower seed butter. When I pulsed the ingredients in the blender I had a sticky mess. So I grabbed gluten free cocoa powder and mini chocolate chips from the pantry. I mixed in the chocolate chips by hand, as I remembered they used to do at Cold Stone Creamery, and then rolled the truffles around in some cocoa powder to seal in the moisture, as I remembered they did with their truffles at Bottega Louie.

The outcome, a soft and fudgy filling with a powdery coating. Tastes just like a chocolate truffle! I finished them off with a pretty gold mini cupcake wrappers and put them away in my refrigerator for guests and unexpected visitors to enjoy.