Friday, May 24, 2013

Book Review and Free Kindle Cookbooks!

In honor of National Celiac’s Awareness month I have decided to look back on when I started cooking gluten free foods a little more than two years ago. Converting my recipes gluten free became an obsession.  A close family member was diagnosed with celiac's disease, then I sought to alter my lifestyle so that anything I made could taste good without adding gluten. My journey towards gluten freedom began with buying an endless array of gluten free cookbooks. Now that I have some experience with gluten free cooking, I make alterations to existing recipes rather than pick up a new cookbook. However, every once in a while I come across a good gluten free cookbook with unique ideas worth purchasing.

This morning I opened up some of my mom’s old cook books.  I perused them for some of my favorite recipes.  I wondered, what cook books would my daughter thumb through, with fond memories of the meals we shared together?

Recently I obtained a copy of a great gluten free cookbook from a chef in New Zealand. I have made some of the recipes from the New Zealand Gluten-Free Cookbook and the food tastes great. The chef, Jim Boswell, doesn’t just take regular recipes and make them gluten free… he found recipes for dishes that contain no gluten ingredients and compiled them into one edition. This book is published by Penguin and is available here. You can also find many of his recipes free on his facebook page. I keep coming back to Mr. Boswell’s book for ideas of dishes to bring to parties.

Also, if you type in gluten free in the kindle reader section on you will see a host free gluten free books. You can also follow the Gluten Freely Frugal blog for a daily list of free kindle books on gluten free cooking.