Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gluten free living is a chore… at first. A diagnosis of celiac disease or a gluten allergy means having to focus on and remove from your diet all of the things that may cause discomfort, from food, to vitamins, to beauty products, even certain fabrics. But there are also good things to focus on. This is my first post and I wanted to include some interesting books I have encountered in my quest to become more interested in the subject.

Some other common allergens include dairy, eggs, and soy. I’m going to start with gluten for now but I plant to visit bakeries that showcase both gluten free and vegan friendly options. Going vegan has become popular because by focusing on a plant-based diet we could greatly reduce our carbon footprint. Gluten free cooking uses such alternative flours as spelt, barley, and oats, along with brown rice flour, quinoa flour, garbanzo bean flour, corn flour, and cornmeal. You can read more about gluten free baking in Flying Apron’s Gluten-Free ad Vegan Baking Book by Jennifer Katzinger and Kathryn Barnard. You can get a free preview of the book on amazon.com which goes into the expansion of a small Washington state bakery to a blooming company with multiple locations, all gluten free!

First step, tomorrow I begin “the cleanse.” Sounds terrible, but basically I am going to flush my digestive system of gluten. This means, supermarket trip!

Stay tuned, next Tuesday I will fill you in on the details!

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