Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lactogenic Tea

I keep reading about this miracle fenugreek in all of the mommy forums touting its ability to improve and increase milk supply. Thinking, I don’t have the time to go and find this weird sounding thing and learn how to prepare it so that this food becomes edible.

My attitude changed when I went to the mall and into one of my favorite stores, Destination Maternity. I almost left without buying anything when I began talking to the sweet girl at the front register who helped me with my first maternity clothes purchase. As I chatted with her I noticed what looked like an energy bottle called Milky with a picture of the Sister Sister girls, Tia and Tamara Mowry. Five months ago I did some research on Tia’s quest to find a gluten-free birthday cake for her son Cree’s first birthday, so I gave it a second look.  Milky claimed to increase milk supply, which I had been struggling with over the last couple months. What did I have to lose? Nothing!

I picked up a bottle and drank it down, right there in the store. The first time I pumped after I found no change. Later that night, I found that my milk production doubled. Magic!

I decided to revisit a recipe for palak paneer that I made last week that included fenugreek (which I previously excluded because I did not know where to find it). I picked up some fenugreek at the Indian spice market in Thousand Oaks.
I literally bought them out!

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