Friday, September 16, 2011

I'll be gone till (september)

As I was packing up my car at 5:30 a.m. yesterday, I realized I was packing up my life. It might have been the early hour but I felt something momentous about putting my luggage in the trunk of my little Honda. I was embarking on a trip, on my own. A road trip all by myself. Given, I would be spending a good chunk of time with my sister, I still had quite a trip ahead of me. I knew the perfect distraction to pass the time. My favorite about part road trips has to be the music. I remember growing up we would have four or five albums in the car stereo (Backstreet boys, N*SYNC, The Strokes, Matchbox 20, and some assorted Hebrew music). I knew the lyrics to those albums backwards and forwards. I thought for a while about what music I would listen to and settled on a book of mix tapes (a.k.a. my favorite mixed c.d.s).
When I moved back home I spent a couple of weeks reorganizing my room, well, it was more like a couple of months. Every time I moved my furniture I would find something I hadn’t seen in years. But the best find was definitely my c.d. collection. Yes compact discs will be an obsolete technology in the near future but those songs are a patchwork of history, each album related to a different period in my life. I listened to mixed c.d.’s boys I liked made me and those I made for myself, each time revisiting those relationships. Most of all, I loved the mixed c.d.s my sister made me (she has always been the cooler sister).
Driving down the 101 south at the break of dawn, I needed something to pick me up. The first c.d. I popped in my stereo began with Wyclef Jean’s Gone ‘till November. A little bit of Alicia Keys, a little bit of T.I… what a great mix! Thanks sis, you know exactly what I love. Before I knew it, five hours had passed and I was already in Santa Snella where I stopped to grab a bite. Yes, I had Pea Soup Andersons again, what can I say, I love me some pea soup!
I made it to Davis in record time, but the drive made me pretty exhausted. My sister showed me around but it didn’t take very long. I planned to head out to Sacramento today but another drive sounded exhausting. Just lazying around the city today… picked up some groceries for a yummy gluten free dinner from an amazing grocery store called “Nugget” that carries organic and health food products within a modest price range.  Looking forward to going to San Francisco tomorrow and the farmer’s market in town on Saturday! Then, Portland, Bend, and maybe Redding! Somehow I have to get back to Los Angeles by September 27, since I promised my mom I would be back for our family dinner that night. So my little adventure begins…

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