Saturday, September 10, 2011

West Coast Itinerary Set

Planning a road trip is a little more complicated than just getting into my car and driving off, I am slowly finding out. Having just come from Missouri, I need to change my plates. But before I change my plates, I have to get my (new) car smog checked. Then the check engine light comes on. Then I go to the DMV and lo and behold, the VIN on my lease does not match my registration.

Well, working on the VIN issue may take a while but at least it turned out the check engine symbol was really a maintenance light telling me it’s time for my first oil change. Honda is quite the efficient company. Too bad they couldn’t get my lease right!

Anyways, back to the fun stuff!

First part of the road trip set: LA  Santa Cruz  Davis  San Francisco  Ashland  Portland
Having a ginormous merengue and perusing some travel books at Champagne Bakery and Cafe, where I worked in high school

Looking forward to seeing some beautiful places and grabbing some delicious treats along the way!

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